The creation of the mosquito is an absolute must in The Underground universe.  They are an easily recognized pest, and they are very common throughout the world.  But what purpose do these blood-suckers serve in the story?  How do they impact our carefully crafted world, and how will they influence this constantly evolving epic? There’s only one way to get to the bottom of it all, and that is today’s CREATURE CREATION!!!

Enter The Culix

(Taken from the family classification ‘Culicidae’)

The point that stands out the most to us about the mosquito is its preferred food type…blood.  Whether it is humans (Man-beasts), dogs, deer, or horses this scrawny insect doesnt care.  They are one of the few creatures who prey on creatures that could easily kill them; which leads us to believe that they are not very smart.  Certainly not intelligent enough to be one of our more ‘sentient’ creatures, and not fearsome enough to be predators.  No.  They will be beasts, pure and simple.

As a species the mosquito does not form colonies, or follow any sort of social structure.  They live with no further purpose other than to feed…to graze.  As nymphs they feed on algae, and bacteria found easily in their water-homes.  Once they reach adulthood, they head out into world in search of bloodmeal.  With no defining social direction here, they are really coming across as simple blood-sucking-cows.  And therein lies their purpose within the Underground.  They engorge themselves on blood, which can then be harvested for use throughout the Underground.  Bloodmeal is also sought out by Assassin bugs, mites, ticks, and fleas, making it a decent commodity if properly gathered.

Physically, the mosquito has a few traits that help further define them for our purposes.  They measure in anywhere from 6.5mm to 16mm, which make them pretty long by comparison.  Their compound eyes, and antennae lined with tiny hairs give them enhanced senses of sorts.  Lastly, their nimble bodies make them quite maneuverable.  Looking at all of these points as a whole, we’ve decided to also use the mosquito as a ‘mount’ of sorts to be ridden by smaller, more daring insects.  Come to think about it, a long needle like ‘nose’ could surely be used as a sort of lance!

That settles it.

Here we have the Mosquito, or the Culix as we will be calling it.  The crazy blood-sucking-cow-horse of The Underground universe!