If the Rhi are the master engineers of the Union, the Terseon are their chemists and scientists of the highest order. Their soldiers are blind but are equipped with the most versatile array of chemical weapons nature has gifted upon the underground. Due to their physical limitations, they have learned to use their other gifts such as superior intelligence and intuitive use of their self produced chemicals.

The nasute soldiers despite being blind are born with spray nozzles instead of mandibles. From this nozzle they are capable of several types of natural spray weapons. These chemicals can vary from a noxious sticky substance to a powerful ant repellant.
The Terseon typically don’t forage on their own and are totally dependant on the Terchi and Tiet fungus for sustenance.

Blind and smaller than most other termites, the Terseon have coupled their natural abilities with Rhi engineering to create the most fantastic superweapons in the underground. Terseon superweapons include the dreaded Terseon Turbocannon which can decimate enemy formations with each concentrated blast. Future weapons will no doubt take advantage of the ant-repellant chemical mixture they are famous for.

Select Terseon agents are capable of Autothysis, a sort of self destruct mechanism that enables them to explode in a sticky mess that can block tunnels or impede enemy movement. These termites are easily identifiable by the pustules all over their bodies that increase in size as they age.

They are the perfect supplement to the Rhi with their ingenious weapon designs and outside of the mound thinking. They were a key part of Rhi Mei’s coup and are currently her largest supporters outside of the Rhi. They are also a key part of her vision for the future and will continue to supply her with Nasute weapons and soliders as long as she remains committed to their safety and prosperity.