Of all the dynasties in the Termite Union, the Chi is the largest. Thousands of Chi drones are active and ready for immediate action, forming the impressive back bone of the Union army. Chi workers are the best tunnel builders in the land, and are responsible for creating the vast subterranean component of the Union’s territory.

The Chi species is able to develop huge colonies numbering a few million, while their foraging tunnels can extend up to 10,000mm in length. They are renowned for their ability to reduce nearly any material to a dead and brittle husk. Certain workers are also reported to employ a corrosive saliva to aid in their excavations. The strange saliva has also been used as a deterrant to ants, and unsavoury strands of fungus.

Through their involvement in the Union, they have become partially dependent on the fungus farms of the Tiet and Terchi, though many still prefer to forage on their own. With the largest number of drones, as well as reproductive kings and queens, they are the most vocal in the Council of Dynasties.

While Queen Rhi Mei is firmly in control, she is clearly outnumbered by this dynasty in particular. If any form of dissent were to arise it would be from this corner of the Union. It is most certainly only a matter of time before a difference of opinion creates an irreparable rift.