The colonies of the Underground are built on the tireless efforts of highly skilled workers and their borders defended by its valiant soldiers.  Indeed these brave, and accomplished inhabitants are the backbone of the countless civilizations scattered throughout the Underground.  Such cannot be said of Xobo and Skrat however; the bumbling duo of the Hive Embassy.  These two wasp scouts have been involved in, if not the cause of more than a few Hive follies.  While they may act out of the best intentions for the Embassy, they typically leave a wake of damage and mishaps behind them.  It is perhaps because of this, that they have never been directly involved in any Hive attacks or major battles.

For years the Hive has been ruled by the devious Empress Kor En Tul, sovereign leader and the bringer of life.  Though it is believed by some that her grasp is slowly weakening. Once respected and indeed feared; there have recently been certain genetic calamities in her brood which have led many to question her ability to maintain the integrity of the glorious Embassy.  Xobo and Skrat are a testament to the declining bloodline. Knowing the doubt building within her subjects, Kor En Tul ordered that these two scouts be kept alive. Their intellectual short-comings, she prophesied; were a part of the great plan.  Without the weak, how can one measure the strong after all.

By this decree, Xobo and Skrat’s lives have been spared and they’ve been granted whatever limited duties may be available any given time. Border patrol, battle scavenging and so on. Being shunned by many of their comrades, they have learned to depend on one another. Xobo acts as the ‘brains’ of the pair while Skrat is there to make his non-cerebral partner look the part. It is a wonder the pair have not brought down the whole underground with their hi-jinks and buffoonery.