There are few more impregnable fortresses than the eternal city of Coryn. Occupied by legions of battle hardened elite warriors; fighting in contubes (ant military term) of 6, they are masters of hand to hand combat and siege warfare (both defending their city and sacking other fortresses).

You’d be hard pressed to find even a small weakness in their defenses. A complex underground network of tunnels and chambers makes Coryn naturally defensible but add the warrior spirit, intense training and community culture of these united peoples and they are unconquerable.

These ant legions are led by the Zealots Elite who are the best four warriors in their respective martial disciplines. Led by Styx, the Zealots Elite are an elite force unto themselves, matched by none in the Underground.

Coryn is ruled authoritatively by the benign Queen Azulon. As with all ant colonies, the Queen is the sole authority but she puts too much trust in her son Prince Loxyn and her loyal General, Styx. This could lead to considerable royal intrigue if their secrets ever come to light. Under Queen Azulon, Coryn has been at peace and many within the colony believe the Queen to be too complacent

Coryn is not much to see above ground, as the stump it is constructed under is covered in a bright fungus that is constantly being mined to provide building materials for the city below. Once you get past the mines you are greeted by a pair of guards that act as customs for the city. After being cleared and entering the underground city, first time visitors are shocked by the grand columns and vast interconnected underground chambers.

The city is a melting pot where all bugs can congregate and trade with each other. Merchants can be seen selling their wares to flies, ants, beetles, and many other varied species. It’s only a matter of time before the peace is shattered as all good things must come to an end.

Sub-levels of Coryn