The Rhi Dynasty are the rulers of the Termite Union. Milky-white and smaller due to the decreased fertility of Queen Mei, they prefer to stay within the borders of the union for fear of death. The Rhi fear that their days are numbered and as such often voice this to Mei in the hopes that she will finally create a king.

Queen Mei’s refusal to create another queen of their line is probably a defensive measure in order to protect her hold on power. Another queen would more than likely create a king to mate with herself and the subborn Mei would no longer be useful.

Despite their fear or perhaps because of it and due to their position in the Union, the smaller Rhi are quite arrogant and self-assured. They are the master engineers and builders of the Rhi tower and the many connecting covered walkways and courtyards that comprise the Union and protect it’s occupants from the harmful sunlight above.

Mei has allowed her workers unprecedented autonomy. Her workers lack the drone-like nature of the other families and answer to Mei only. They are her advisers, diplomats and generals. Due to her peaceful views and given their smaller size, most of Rhi are workers and she seldom creates soldiers of her line. She instead prefers to use the more aggressive families’ soldiers for military might.

Together with the Terseon, the Rhi have created the Nasute Super-cannon, a very powerful siege weapon. Although the Rhi have very few soldiers, they excel at being generals and engineers of the highest quality and are indeed the brains of this termite super colony.

Queen Rhi Mei