Upon arriving at the Fly Federation, one is greeted by the most unholy, putrescent, miasmic stench possible to be captured by one’s olfactory nerves. You think locker rooms smell bad? They can’t hold a candle to the rancid feculence of this place. To the Man Beasts, the Fly Federation is merely a refuse pile. A stinking wretched pile of week old food and crawling maggots. Every step is a literal crap-shoot on what foul substance would be left on your foot after doing so. Rotting bio matter is plentiful and bacteria and disease are the norm. On top of the smell of decaying mulch, there is the constant foul egesta that flies are known to leave EVERYWHERE! However, one man’s carrion is another insect’s feast.

To the denizens of The Underground it is the industrial processing center of the region. Food and supplies of any kind are manufactured here and no other place is as rich in the resources needed to help any colony flourish. As a result this area is of huge strategic importance for any force wanting to make a power play. More than just a refuse pile, this is the domain of the filthy scavenging flies. Detested and reviled by most but needed by all, it is in the interests of all to be kept as a neutral production facility. Unfortunately this may not be the case forever. All it takes is one ambitious leader to see the value of the location and what could be granted to an empire that controls it.

Lying at the crossroads of the many trade routes to and from the Federation, Coryn has been an important ally in the past. If Coryn is the major trading post in the region, the Fly federation is it’s supply depot. As foul as it is, The Federation would make a valuable prize for any growing colony needing food and supplies. As such the scheming and conniving leader of the Federation, Admiral Cree makes the voyage to Coryn in search for protection from the many threats that could come from anywhere in the Underground.