Species: Ladybug
Height: 5.5mm
First Appearance: Issue #1

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Never underestimate the underdog! This is certainly the case when you start to analyze this struggling refugee. Cyrus is a now wingless Ladybug with the heart and soul of a warrior poet despite not believing this himself. Losing his wings when his home and people were destroyed by the Hive has had a profound impact on this once peace-loving bug. The shock troops came without warning making Cyrus’ diplomatic skills useless in its defense. Cyrus had his wings mercilessly torn from his body and was made to watch as his home and friends were brutalized. Tied to a stick he was left alive to be a testimonial to the bugs of the underground that the Hive’s authority is absolute. Cyrus has been transformed by the experience from being a humble ambassador representing the peaceful ladybugs of the Amicable Plains to being a living rallying cry against the Hive’s aggression.

Once being able to travel from place to place freely with his wings, Cyrus has to learn the hard way that his other talents with have to be honed to perfection in order to get his revenge against the Hive. At first Cyrus was utterly demoralized by the experience but has since been reinvigorated by the frequent visions he receives of mentors old and new. At first the visions of Ashur had taunted him saying things that amounted to a figurative “I told you so”. Now guided by his new mentor and inspiration, the majestic silk moth Gretta; Cyrus sets out to Coryn to seek asylum there and enlist the aid of the Ants against the tyranny of the Hive. He uses these visions now to keep him morally straight while seeking his revenge. If Cyrus is successful, there may be hope for the inhabitants of the Underground after all.