Long ago, six termite queens and kings came to the region known as the Underground. Finding a birch stump, they began to build a great termite community using it’s resources to increase their numbers and flourish. The peaceful Rhi were the primary workforce and built a great termite mound on the site. Due to their contribution the resulting Rhi tower was named in their honour.

Within and below the Rhi tower these six colonies began to stake their claim and began to separate according to family or “dynasty”. The subterranean Chi were the builders and caretakers of the underground tunnel network; the flying Khal at the summit and all others dwelling in between. With this many termites in close proximity of each other, clan war was imminent.

Queen Mei of the Rhi sensed the coming war and staged a surprise coup that resulted in the acquisition of sole leadership of the entire Union for herself. Since the Rhi coup, the Union has never been more united and is ruled by a dynastic council representing each bloodline. The Rhi queen Mei has veto power over this council and is the supreme commander of the armed forces.

The termites mined the birch for it’s resources to exhaustion building vast underground networks that took advantage of the birch’s many roots. Termites with their voracious appetites and rapid procreation habits would soon need to expand or face extinction.

As birch trees are often found in pairs, another great colony has established itself on the opposite stump. This other colony happens to be the city of Coryn. Traditionally ants and termites are natural enemies and given their proximity and opposing views, it’s only a matter of time before conflict erupts.

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