The Underground #1: Harvest $3

“Harvest” is the beginning of our adventure in The Underground.  Appropriately enough it is the Harvest Instar throughout the land, and many of its inhabitants are preparing for the Great Chill.  Insects everywhere are gathering food, and reinforcing shelters.  None are as diligent in their duties though as the Ladybugs.  Residing in the Amicable Plains the Ladybugs are a peaceful colony, with no thoughts of greed or war.  That does not mean however that war will not find them…

The Underground #1: Harvest is a 20 page full colour book, plus covers.  Printed in an 8.5×11 format in cooperation with Walkerville Publishing.  Books are currently available for sale at the following locations:

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Or you can contact us for information on having a copy sent to you.