Species: Unknown
Height: 1880mm
First Appearance: Issue 1 TU:TOS (The Underground: The Original Series)

Paul Reaume was born in 1981 to parents Paul Cousins, and Cheryl Beedle. Throughout his youth he devoted much of his time to scouring comic books ranging from Ghostbusters to Casper the Friendly Ghost. It was this early interest in comic art, and the close tutelage of an artist father which guided Paul to pursue a life of artistic endeavors. Pouring the majority of his time into the development of his artwork, Paul’s taste in comics matured to focus on the superheroes of the late eighties and early nineties. The X-men, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and so many more filled the young artist’s head and dreams with visions of a world not too different from our own, but different enough to offer a welcomed escape.

Since those early days, Paul has been ceaselessly honing his skills, and artistic knowledge. Pushing himself further and further, harder and harder, in hopes of finding his place in the comic book industry. At the age of eighteen, Paul produced the first issue of The Underground, and registered his business; Twisted Studio. Despite a few hiccups, and a brief hiatus, Paul’s heart has remained true to his buggy story for more than ten years. Now he has joined forces with some close friends, equally as passionate about the world he has created. Together they’ve begun to refine this insect-infested series and bring it to a wider audience.

When he is not drawing bugs, Paul finds other artistic means of filling his time. Caricatures, paintings, and logo designs are just a few of Paul’s other areas of expertise. Of course his number one priority is his family. His beautiful wife Giovanna, and his amazing 6 year old son Ayden, are his two closest supporters. Even so he has been surrounded by and very thankful for an incredible host of friends and loved ones, always eager to fly the Underground flag.