Species: Ladybug
Height: 5.2mm
First Appearance: Issue #1

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The Ladybugs are a foraging race. They are somber, calm and mostly phlegmatic. Though with every rule, there is an exception. The exception is Ashur. More ant-like is Ashur, more than anyone of his Ladybug kinfolk; Ashur is among one of the most militant bugs in the whole of the underground. He is well traveled and worldly. He has ventured far outside the Amicable Plains and experienced more than his entire colony. He has lived a militia life, making Ashur tough, brave and fearsome.

Ashur is diligent and self determined. His regimented ways have helped defend and protect the colony of Ladybugs for generations. Meticulous in every detail, Ashur has designed many of the colony’s defenses and personally trained most of its soldiers. Patriotic and a natural leader, Ashur has every member of his army respecting and following his directions.

Standing slightly shorter than most other Ladybugs and with his right eye hidden behind a patch, Ashur does stand out among his kind. His eye gouged during a skirmish deep in Hive territory; greatly outnumbered and nearly slaughtered, Ashur adeptly led his squad to safety. Of course, with any good deed comes its punishment and Ashur’s eye was torn out by an arrow that scored him along his face.

Forthright and stern, Ashur shows the strength that some of nature’s smallest creatures can possess. Sadly, it came to pass that he would meet his demise by the ones who took his eye. Kronus and other members of the Hive, brutally murdered and destroyed every living thing on the Amicable Plains and the Ladybug homeland. Ashur, a martyr, along with his fellow ladybugs left their legacy instilled with its last member, Cyrus. The perseverance of Ashur’s spirit lives on in the unlikely hero’s heart and unfortunately, Ashur’s frankness lives on in Cyrus’ nightmares.