Welcome to the Creature Creation section of our page!

Here you will find detailed insight as to how we take real-world insects and turn them into crazy critters for The Underground universe.  One of the most important elements of The Underground is how we include real world facts into our fictional world.  When we’re looking to include a new insect in the series we analyze the creature on a few key points…

Size:  The size of the insect makes an obvious impact on how they relate with the other characters in the book, and the world around them.  For the sake of consistency, we use millimetres for our primary unit of measurement.  As stories evolve we sometimes find the need to record measurements at the insect’s adult, imago, and larva stages.

Distinguishing Features: This covers anything particularly unique about the species.  It can be physical features (like spots or stripes), it can be behavioural features (like crawling up walls), or anything else that really stands about about the species in question.  This helps us determine how the creature will act, interact, and look in the series.

Traits (Description):  This section is where we will look closer at what the creature does in the real world.  Do they spend their time harvesting pollen?  Do they hide in holes and lunge out at unsuspecting passers by?  By now we are starting to see what type of creature this will be; Mindless predators, beasts of burden, or something more…sentient.

Affiliations: Certain insects hunt other insects specifically, others form mutually beneficial relationships with the other species.  These types of relationships are detailed here, and often times this helps us direct the story around these new creatures.

Leafcutter Ant