Species: Termite – Khal
Height: 7mm
First Appearance: A Tragic Loss

Jurga is the current leader of the Khal tribe of Rhi tower. The Khal prefer to refer to themselves as a tribe rather than dynasty in an attempt to reflect their historically nomadic lifestyle. This distinction is constantly pushed by Jurga so as to assert their uniqueness among the dynasties. Jurga has been known to become quite upset at any bug who refers to his tribe as being a “dynasty”. Being a Khal pseudo-gate and able to become a reproductive king he was always second in line to the title of chieftain of his tribe and is now acting tribal leader in the absence of the previous leadership.

During the settling of the birch, Jurga came into conflict with Thallyn. He was investigating the Coryn end of the birch as a place to scavenge for supplies while his Chieftain and Chieftainess (King and Queen) were helping to create the Termite Union. Coryn was not uninhabited as he had hoped and he came under instant attack by the Coryn King himself.

After a fierce duel, Jurga was disarmed and slashed across his face by Thallyn. Jurga earned a jagged scar down the center of his face as a reminder of the encounter. He then returned to the fledgling Union with news that ants had claimed the opposite end of birch. Thallyn spared his life so that he could deliver the message that Coryn was there to stay.

Recently Jurga has begun to transform into a Khal king with his immature wings now visible. Despite being one of the oldest members of the Union, his nomadic instincts have begun to take hold due to his transformation. It’s only a matter of time before he leads his tribe away from the Union to wander the land as his forefathers have done since time immemorial.