Rhi Xin, King of the Rhi Dynasty and life mate of Queen Rhi Mei, departed the Termite Union in the early days of its foundation. On the first day following his departure, Mei spawned a single pseudergate; a worker with the ability to change into a reproductive male at her command. She named this unique offspring Rhi Chan and since his larval state he has been groomed to be Xin’s successor should the need arise. Despite Xin’s absence, Mei has as of yet refused to do so.

Considered to be the best swordsman in the Union, Chan practices constantly on wooden effigies of ants, honing his skills to deadly perfection. His long-sword which never leaves his side is just as recognized and feared as he is. He has a very strategic mind, his tactical skills second to none. Chan’s specialty in large scale warfare has earned the Union countless victories and has enabled its rapid expansion. The foundation of his beliefs is that an effective drone is one which has been groomed for battle from birth. When on leave from the army, he can often be seen sitting with some random larvae playing military-based games on the nursery floor. His combat history is nearly flawless with only one haunting blemish.

The Harbinger Battle was set to be Chan’s greatest victory as he had planned to force Coryn’s army into a surrender. Such was not the case though as Chan was bested in one on one combat by Styx, Captain of the Zealots Elite. While Chan respects the Blademaster for his skill, he now harbours a deep and blinding hatred for him. Chan’s defeat and subsequent loss of face is something he simply cannot tolerate, and now he pushes himself even harder in his training. Day in and day out, he prepares for the opportunity to face the Blademaster once again whatever the costs may be.