The constant intrigue and drama that is The Termite Union, is the result of the intermixing of six distinct termite colonies. This is a common facet of termite culture. Termites typically don’t mind having multiple queens, kings and their progeny working together towards a common goal. They commonly collaborate on tasks such as building a mound or mining a valuable resource such as a birch stump. This was indeed what transpired in the early days of the Union.

Sick of the intrigue and back-room deals for mining rights and such; The architect of Rhi Tower, Rhi Mei had all the other royals murdered and seized control for herself. In the seasons since, Rhi Mei has allowed other queens to emerge in every dynasty except her own. To add to the intrigue, her king and the original royals of the Khal dynasty were absent during her purge and have not returned. With the exception of these two, the other dynasties have reproduced to such levels that living space and resources are growing scarce and expansion has become a necessity.

This biological diversity amongst the dynasties had led to many behavioral differences and conflicts as well between the different families. Please explore these differences with us below and experience the dynamic and conflicted Termite Union.

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Rhi Dynasty          
Terseon Dynasty
Khal Tribe              
Chi Dynasty           
Tiet Dynasty         
Terchi Dynasty