Species: Dor Beetle
Height: 10mm
First Appearance: Issue 1

In the beginning there was darkness. Brom tried to move but could not. He next tried to chew his way out but there was too much and he was starting to choke. The pungent smell of manure destined to be the first and last smell this poor creature would ever experience. His instincts took over and he tried to frantically dig upwards needing air desperately, brain damage starting to set in. Panic taking over and with unconsciousness quickly washing over him he bravely stabbed an arm past the last layer of filth into the warm air above. Still not able to breathe, he consigned himself to death and closed his eyes.

Realizing he was still alive and breathing, Brom opened his eyes for the first time to gaze upon his parents. Staring at the colourful yellow and black bug before him; Brom grinned, yawned and gasped his first breath followed by his first word.


“No, but I am to be your guardian and mentor. The Hive embassy is your mother now and you are to be our greatest weapon.”, Kronus replied.

Thus began the most successful partnership in the military history of the Underground. From his first moments on Brom owed Kronus his life and would spend the rest of his days enthusiastically protecting and serving him. From there with Brom’s brute strength, Kronus’ military savvy and aerial tactics this new team inflicted untold damage on the enemies of the hive. He may be a little slow but his blind loyalty to Kronus would serve him well. Brom cared not about the screams of terror from the ladybugs as he tore them limb from limb. He was Kronus’ muscle, things like mercy and remorse were for smart bugs like Kronus to worry about. If anything were ever to happen to Kronus that would make Brom ANGRY. You don’t want to see Brom angry!