Height: 7.5mm
Species: Wasp – mostly
First Appearance: Issue 1

Jes was once Damocles, and along with Kronus was born and raised to be the epitome of the next generation of Hive warriors. The two were seen as equals and competed for all the best missions and postings, neither clearly superior to the other. One day, Kronus and Damocles came across an armed man beast pup wielding a stick that could easily punch holes in the hive and needed to act quickly.

Damocles warned Kronus reminding him that  a bee is only good for one suicidal attack against this beast and due to this, Damocles should attack alone and Kronus should go for help. Enraged by this arrogant fool reminding the proud bee of his only weakness against the beasts, Kronus did exactly that and allowed Damocles to martyr himself if he really wanted to.

Damocles managed to sting it several times before it dropped the stick and ran for a spray can. The pup raised this weapon and felled the valiant warrior with one blast. Upon awakening, Jes was on his back, still paralyzed but alive… barely. Then came the pain. The pup was vivisecting the poor wounded wasp! Kronus and the reserve force arrived in time to chase the pup off but not before the damage was already done. Upon being returned to the hive he was brought to Dr. Payne for experimentation. What resulted was a fate worse than death. Damocles was gone and Jes had come to be.

The doctor had grafted new limbs to Jes and will often swap appendages out for new ones when needed or just for fun. Payne continues to tinker with Jes, constantly “upgrading” him, even using the limbs of other varied insects. Jes has learned to relish the pain and uses it to his advantage. Kronus sees him mostly as a joke and sends Jes into as many no win scenarios as possible before herding him back to Payne for further experimentation. Pain, hate and self-pity is all he now knows. He can’t make the pain go away and will use it as fuel to make the world suffer. Jes has truly lost his mind and is now equal parts homicidal and suicidal.