Height: 7.5mm
Species: Bee
First Appearance: Issue 1

Typical of most males of his species, he was to be a drone, subject to the whims of his Queen in defense of the hive. Raised from the beginning of his existence to be the ideal warrior, he is the perfect example of a life long soldier bred to serve the Hive. Much if not all of his life so far has been spent training, living, eating and breathing Hive Embassy propaganda.

The eternal poster boy, he has not disappointed, rising through the ranks much quicker than his experience would normally garner. Daily drills and weapon practice are his routine and hive propaganda are his religious mantras. Being a boon as well as a burden; this has made him arrogant, rash and quick to act without considering the consequences. This quirk however has produced a highly unpredictable and very successful commander. He has a natural gift for combat leadership and also follows his own orders without question. Success after success has secured his place as the leader of the Hive’s elite Shock Troops but his inexperience and his tendency to act first could be his undoing if he ever finds an opponent that is his equal.

Fortunately for Kronus that has not yet happened, and time will tell whether his experience will catch up with his skills in time to save him from himself. Rescuing Brom from certain death and making him a valuable member of the Shock Troops had at first earned him disdain for having mercy on such a pitiable bug. This however has since earned him great accolades for being a leader with great insight in adding such an effective weapon to his arsenal. In any event woe to all who are ordered to be terminated by the Shock Troops. Kronus’ opponents rarely get a second chance so if you ever meet this bug in combat you better make it count. Just ask the Ladybugs.