Species: Termite – Rhi
Height: 8mm
First Appearance: A Tragic Loss

After the early Termite Union had finished excavating the birch stump that became their home; Mei tasked her family to build shelter for this collection of different Termite species. Housing such a varied, and contrasted colony is bound to give rise to clashes of opinion, and principles. Despite sharing a common home, the six family royals could rarely agree on anything regarding the maintenance of the colony. Growing tired of such in-fighting, King Rhi Xin, along with the Khal king and queen abandoned the Birch, never to return.

Mei grew despondent, and withdrawn from the politics of the super colony. Without her life partner, she would lack the necessary fertilization to replenish the numbers of her own lineage. With such back-stabbing, and feuding being common amongst the Termite families, her days in the council were surely numbered. Unless she could do something to tip the scales in her own favour. Knowing that the Khal family were also royal-less now, Mei proposed a pact between her own family, the Khal, and select agents from the Terseon dynasty. Together they would seize control of the Termite Union.

Acting on Mei’s orders, Khal and Terseon agents systematically assassinated the remaining royals of the Union. In the end, only one royal was left to rule. Queen Mei, lacking a King and refusing to create a new one.

As time passed the Rhi Queen would allow for other royals to be created within the other dynasties in order to replenish their populations and avoid extinction. Shortly thereafter she created the Dynastic Council, which would vote on important colony matters. As expected this council has again resorted to the bitter in-fighting which had led to the Rhi Coup in the first place. While many within the colony view Mei as the bringer of peace, and tranquility, there are others who still believe she is acting on her own agenda. She is stern yet compassionate, and while it is possible to reason with her, she seems adamantly focused on whatever her future goal may be.