The Amicable Plains, so named due to it’s peaceful, foraging inhabitants, the Ladybugs, is now a devastated battlefield graveyard. Attacking without warning from locations downwind of the plains, the surprise attack was savage. The peaceful scavengers were more comfortable with diplomacy than warfare and were ill prepared for just how brutal the Hive can be. They did nothing to provoke this other than exist and that was enough for the Hive. How else could they promote compliance though fear but to completely annihilate a defenseless foe and make an example of them.

Ashur, acting more like an ant than a ladybug was their only defender on guard when the hive attacked without mercy. Cyrus’ comrades’ decaying bodies are still strewn about where they fell, a somber reminder of what happened there. The battle did not last long and all that was left was Cyrus, meant to be a testimonial that all who oppose the Hive will be crushed. Cyrus somehow manages to escape his bondage and journeys to the neighboring land of Coryn to enlist the help of the Hill Ants. Who or what will be able to prevent the mass destruction that will come to other peaceful lands?

Unfortunately the amicable plains are amicable no more… beware the ascendancy of the Hive!

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