Tiet and Terchi Dynasty

The Terchi and the Tiet dynasties are the peasant or working classes of the union. Both are fungus farmers of highest calibre, however this is where their similarities end. The Terchi are also mound builders and were instrumental in the building of Rhi Tower. They live in the bottom and subterranean sections of the Union, protected by the Chi drone army. The Tiet prefer to live in the walls of Rhi tower and also help with the patrolling of the underground tunnel network faciliated by their small size. The Tiet are of the microtermes species and as such are the smallest of all termites being clear to yellowish brown in colour and rarely exceed 5mm in length. The Terchi are macrotermes and are on the opposite end of the size spectrum tipping the scales at 15+mm. Terchi can be dark brown to black in colour and in terms of the average size of the denizens of the Union, they are by far the largest.

Due to the similar natures of their societies and mutual goal of providing sustenance for the union, they are jointly represented in the dynastic council by a Queen from each but rarely vote separately and are for all intents and purposes one entity. Besides their domestic tasks, the Tiet due to their small size have built a secondary and mostly secret tunnel network that they use to patrol their territory and as a supply route for ferrying the supplies generated by both farming collectives.

The Terchi are also construction speciallists and have the entire mound thermally regulated. They have constucted a complex ventilation and solar heat distribution system that allows them to raise or lower temperature and humidity levels in any part of the Union as they wish. Both dynasties are very domestic and produce all of the food for the Union plus plenty to spare for export. Tiet and Terchi fungus is considered a delicacy in many parts of the Underground and is a valuable export commodity. Considered the lower class by the Rhi and Terseon, most are content with the role of farmers and servants and live a blissfully ignorant life. Both species of termites are so busy tending to their crops and maintaining Rhi tower that they rarely need or want to leave their mound. Such a simple lifestyle has led both Dynasties to flourish. They are the breadbasket of the Termite Union.