The Underground: The Original Series

The Underground was originally produced by creator Paul Reaume at the age of 17.  The early series were printed black & white, and were a sizeable 8.5″x11.  Seven issues in total were produced by Paul and his team over an approximate two year span. **Click Title to read more**


The Underground Returns!

Returning to the series with a matured perspective, Paul Reaume set out to add consistency and depth to the series.  By looking at the series as a big picture instead of tiny snapshots, Paul and his team have been able to build an evergrowing universe.  The opening story arc spanned five issues when first produced, the creative team has estimated that the re-envisioned story arc will now span nine installments.

The Underground #1: Harvest

The first installment of the re-envisioned series sees the destruction of the innocent Ladybug home by soldiers of the merciless Hive.  **Click Title to read more**





The Underground #0: Unearthed

The second installment in the series “Unearthed” was produced as a part of the Small Press Idol 2009 competition, in which The Underground was a finalist.  **Click Title to read more**