Both physically and behaviourally, the Khal are the most unusual of all the dynasties in the Union. So much so that their current leader Khal Jurga insists that they are not a dynasty at all but are instead a tribe. The most notable of these differences is the fact that their kings and queens often keep their wings after mating. This is obviously the key factor which makes their nomadic lifestyle possible. Additionally, the queens do not grow larger as they reproduce staying roughly the same size and allowing the mobility that most insect queens cannot enjoy.

The Khal are nomads and adventurers and as such prefer to live in the upper levels of the Termite Union, many residing in an area known as the Khal Aviaries. Their nomadic lifestyle has led to aggressive tendencies as they have had to fight for food instead of building farms. Not having the chemical gifts of the Terseon or the mound building expertise of the Rhi, the Khal have had to take everything they have by force.

Having mobile royals, has indeed affected all levels of Khal society. The gentry in particular have learned to become adept beast riders in order to move their numbers around with ease. Still this lifestyle has taken it’s toll on the Khal population, and they represent the most limited numbers of the Termite Union. They account for the smallest population there with less than a hundred in the mound at any time. Their soldiers have smaller mandibles than the others but have adapted by becoming larger and stronger physically and training themselves to use cicadas as mounts.