Species: Fly
First Appearance: Issue #2

Shorter than the average fly and quite a bit wittier, Cree found himself blessed to be born in an area of the fly federation known as the Dregs of Decadence. There, a young fly ambitious enough could find all the resources to suit his penchant for power and indulgence. Despotically and methodically he edged up the social ladder on the backs of others; but, he on a few occasions nudged his way up on the remains of others. He attained the title of ambassador only to promote his dogma and to gain control of his fellow flykin to exploit them in his own Machiavellian manner.

As a society, the flies are shifty; flies are cowardly; and worst of all they are not to be relied on. Ambassador Cree is each of these qualities in spades. It is in the squint of his eyes and the eerie curve of his palps that makes him look less than reputable. He dons the robes of his office in an awkward style; they are horribly soiled and raggedly patched. He can no longer fly any more due to his more than corpulent frame. He is in declining health owing to his life of excess and debauchery.

Cree tends not to venture out from the comfort of the Fly Federation compound, but now, he finds himself seeking audience with the queen of the hill ants. Cree looks to Azulon and the armies of Coryn for help to protect the Fly Federation. As a rule of thumb the flies have no defenses; they rather gutlessly rely on other colonies to do their fighting. He has only visited the queen one other time. The last time he called upon the help of the queen. He broke every concession and promise he made to Azulon. Surely, it will not be so easy to gain the favour of Coryn this time.