In war things are never as black and white as good and evil. For every sinister empire in history there were courageous elite troops and their commanders that performed their duties with conviction, loyalty and ruthless efficiency. Malevolence is a point of view and to the Shock Troops, the Empress’ commands are not unjust but the necessary pacification of those who dare defy the Hive. Kronus is one such commander and his shock troops are his elite unit of destruction. Whatever the Shock Troops are commanded to do, they do so with zeal, carrying out the commands of their Empress without question and with deadly efficiency.

One such deed was the devastation of the Amicable Plains and the eradication of their inhabitants. Fire tore across the plains that fateful day and in the end the Ladybugs were no more. Bugs were strung up where they fell and no one was spared, save one, Cyrus. In the eyes of the shock troops, this is a time of war and this was a message to their enemies to not cross the Hive. It was a message well received and their unwitting pawn Cyrus will make sure that the message is not soon forgotten.

The Hive Embassy is coming and the Shock Troops lead the way. Beware all that inhabit the underground. All Hail the Empress!