Tecumseh: Chasing a Legend #2

“Tecumseh’s Bones”

The legend of Tecumseh and his eventual death is filled with mystery, and empassioned opinion.  As a writer, Dave has taken on a huge task in navigating the many myths, facts, and lore surrounding our local hero’s life and death.  Our dedicated writer has a terrific eye for detail, and this is a story which has always been near and dear to his heart.

In an effort to maintain Dave’s detail even in the artwork, I’ve made a point to do my own research.  I’ve looked up historical reenactors, Dave’s taken me on field trips to relevant local sites, I’ve even been scouring reference images of appropriate period wardrobe.  My search has brought me to a very interesting book; ‘Tecumseh’s Bones’ by Guy St.Denis.

This book is an investigative look into a very controversial point in Tecumseh’s fascinating story.  Throughout the years, one question about the War of 1812 has persisted; Where was Tecumseh’s body laid to rest, and perhaps where is it now?  Countless historians, explorers, and scholars have claimed to have known or discovered the true whereabouts of the Shawnee Chief’s bones.  As many of the findings have been inconclusive or obtained under questionable means, the truth has never been solidified.  I have yet to finish reading this book, and I doubt that St.Denis is 100% convinced by any claim.

When starting this project with Dave I had no idea the real complexity of it all. The story of Tecumseh’s life is fascinating and perplexing, the quest to unveil the true has proven to be equally captivating.

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