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Windsor has a monument

celebrating the 1812 capture of Detroit? Where?!?!?

This unassuming monument is actually on Sandwich Street in Windsor directly across the street from the Water Reclamation Plant, hidden under two trees. I mentioned this on an 1812 group on facebook and in reply was asked by someone to find photos. Challenge accepted! I took to task and quickly got over there, held my [...]

Tecumseh: Chasing a Legend #3

The above house is the residence of Jacques Baby still in Sandwich, Ontario and was one of the stops on our field trip to Sandwich. Jacques Baby was the eldest son of a prestigious Detroit family from it’s days as a French settlement. As with most of the residents of Sandwich at the time of [...]

Tecumseh: Chasing a Legend #2

“Tecumseh’s Bones” The legend of Tecumseh and his eventual death is filled with mystery, and empassioned opinion.  As a writer, Dave has taken on a huge task in navigating the many myths, facts, and lore surrounding our local hero’s life and death.  Our dedicated writer has a terrific eye for detail, and this is a [...]

Tecumseh: Chasing A Legend

An Artist’s Journey To 1812 Taking on artistic responsibilities for Tecumseh: A Heroic Tale of War and Shattered Dreams was both an exciting and daunting challenge.  This is my first time working on a historical story, and I want everything to be as accurate as possible.  Thankfully, our location works in our favour as the [...]