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On This Day: February 27, 1812

That pesky Frame Breaking Bill makes it to the House of Lords where Lord Bryon makes the reading: On February 27, 1812, the order of the day in the House of Lords was for the second reading of the Frame Work bill, known popularly as the Frame Breaking Bill. The bill made it a capital [...]

On This Day: February 26, 1812

Italian architect Cosimo Morelli passes away in French occupied Italy. Morelli was the most prolific architect of the Papal States during the mid-18th century. He was knighted by Pius IX, thanks mostly to his relationship with the Roman curia and his ability to interpret and develop the tastes of his epoch. Under the tutelage of [...]

On This Day: February 25, 1812

Letter from Brock to Prevost YORK, February 25, 1812. I cannot permit Colonel M’Donnell to return home without giving your excellency a short account of our proceedings here. I had every reason to expect the almost unanimous support of the two houses of the legislature to every measure the government thought it necessary to recommend; [...]

On This Day: February 24, 1812

BROCK’S PROCLAMATION! On February 24, 1812, Isaac Brock issued the following proclamation: Proclamation. Province of Upper Canada Isaac Brock, Esquire, President administering the Government of the Province of Upper Canada, and Major. General Commanding His Majesty’s forces with the same. To all to whom it may concern: Greeting. Whereas information has been received, that divers [...]

On This Day: February 23, 1812

Nothing notable happened! If you know of something important that happened on this day please contact Dave

On This Day: February 22, 1812

Colonel Baynes to Major-General Brock QUEBEC, February 22, 1812. Sir George is much pleased with the favorable account Captain Gray has given him of your proceedings. Your speech is highly approved of here, and we shall rejoice to find our house following so laudable an example as your commons have shewn them: but I am [...]

On This Day: February 21, 1812

On February 21, 1812 George Prévost met the parliament of Lower Canada and delivered a speech reprinted in the Quebec Mercury newspaper: This day being appointed for the meeting of the Provincial Parliament, His EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNOR IN CHIEF came down in state, and being seated on the throne, with usual solemnities, the gentleman Usher [...]

On This Day: February 20, 1812

Colonel Baynes to Major-General Brock. QUEBEC, February 20, 1812. Captain M’Donnell has not clearly understood the purport of his mission to Upper Canada, and the general regrets that he should have proceeded the length he has done without having previously received your advice and instructions, to obtain which was the chief object of his visit [...]

On This Day: February 19, 1812

On February 19, 1812, Aaron Burr in London wrote the following entry in his private journal: 19. Slept near seven hours last night, and did not rise till 8. My umbrella hung heavy at my heart. Went to hunt for it. Walked back on the track I came from J. H.’s yesterday, and called at [...]

On This Day: February 18, 1812

On February 18, 1812, the Frame Breaking Bill again came before the House of Commons. The first reading took place on February 14, 1812. The Second reading was on February 17, 1812. The debate of the House of Commons follows: FRAME BREAKING BILL HC Deb 18 February 1812 vol 21 cc847-53 847 § The order [...]