Warfare was a most bloody affair during this era.

Infantry formations were very rigid columns or squares that would standoff against an enemy formation while exchanging musket-fire at very close ranges. It required a very strong resolve and extreme discipline achieve a victory.

A few strategic innovations in warfare were developed during this age in response to such tactics. Artillery was used to great effect in Europe and was applied in 1812-1814 in the way of Cannons, Howitzers and Mortars. The fastest way to travel in this place and time before major road systems was by water. The Great Lakes were the superhighways of the northwest and were patrolled by navies built by both major powers.

Timber and Furs were much prized throughout the world and the great lakes region was bursting with both.

First Nations people were constantly abused and their resources and land taken from them by the young United States and traders from Britain and France and many other European countries.

These proud and noble warriors often banded together to oppose the spread of the Europeans. Their brand of warfare melded gunpowder weapons with tactics more suited to the terrain of this heavily wooded landscape. One such encounter left a gigantic impression on the young Tecumseh as did every battle represented on this page.

Each battle that we feature in the pages of our book will be displayed and examined here:

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