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Twisted Features #11

Posted on 21st January 2014 in Twisted Features

Welcome back to the party!

As mentioned in our previous Twisted Feature, we’ve devised a schedule for releasing updates and content here and on our other project sites.  If you haven’t seen the new posting schedule yet, click here to see.   We’re a couple of weeks in to the new regime, and so far the Twisted machine has been churning out some pretty cool stuff.  The Tecumseh project in particular has seen some really great updates and additions to their site.

Here are a few of the new items for the Tecumseh project:

The Support Page - Fund raising has begun for the first issue of the Tecumseh mini-series.  The information for the Kickstarter-style effort is posted here.

The Wall of Honour (Tokens Page) – A dedicated page honouring those who have shown their support for the project so far.  A token is added with each new supporter.

The Red Haired Man (Short Story) – A new short story by resident writer Dave Rocha.

Chasing The Legend Series – The creative team offers their insight into the artistic and literary inspirations they’ve found in their research for the Tecumseh project.  They’ve also updated their Facebook page with a photo album dedicated to the series.

Ofcourse what’s an update with out some new artwork?  Artist Paul Reaume leaked this snapshot from his work on the first issue of Tecumseh!


Be sure to check in with our affiliates as well!

Horror 101

Check out Cash and the gang’s current podcast; Episode #29 Amityville II: The Possession.  The lines of fact and fiction are blurred as they spotlight this frightening 80′s horror flick, based on real events.


Prime Lighting Design

Our friends at Prime Lighting Design are having a fantastic January Sale Event.  Visit them instore for deep discounts in their floor model sale event! Click their logo to read more about

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