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Initially formed in 1997, Twisted Studio was the brainchild of sixteen year old artist, Paul Reaume.  The fledgling studio was intended to be a branding tool for the aspiring illustrator.  Time and perseverance would prove however that Twisted Studio was in fact a doorway to much larger projects and ventures.

Two years after its original conceptualization, Twisted Studio would become official with its business registration.  Now eighteen years of age, Paul Reaume was setting out to make a name for himself and his studio.  At that time Twisted Studio’s flagship project was The Underground;  a complex tale of minute proportions.  Creating a universe of insectoid heroes and villains from his own backyard, Reaume was determined to forge an innovative path into the comic book industry.  The Underground series boasted seven issues throughout its two year span, and earned its creative team local acclaim as they were featured in the newspaper and a televised interview.  Still at that young age, Paul knew that there was a larger picture yet to be revealed.

Over the next several years Reaume began to put his creative talents to use with other local projects beyond his own comic book series.  He worked with groups like the Rose City Players, and Theatre Windsor, producing various flyers and promotional materials.  Eventually, life would lead Paul to work with the Windsor Art Studio, an experience which he describes as his most influential yet.

“The Windsor Art Studio was an enlightening experience.  For the first time I was working side by side with other talented artists toward a common goal.  Under the leadership and expertise of our coordinators, Donna Mayne and Diane Weston, we were learning and growing so much in our craft.  I started to see for the first time what a studio could and should be.”

-Paul Reaume

In the spirit of the Renaissance Era artists guilds, Reaume set-out to establish a strong foundation of creative, like-minded individuals.  A group of people who could work, learn, and grow together.  An organization which could help local businesses and entrepeneurs achieve their goals and dreams.  This would be the new direction and identity of Twisted Studio.  With a sound concept, Paul needed someone more technical to help put the plan into action.  The answer would come from longtime friend-turned fan, Dave Rocha.

“Twisted Studio is a place where creative minds help each other create.  It was a natural fit.”

-Dave Rocha

And it was certainly a natural fit.  Since Reaume and Rocha joined forces, they’ve continued to make sound progression with the Studio, it’s projects, and goals.  Dave’s thirst for research, data, and facts provided a perfect backbone to Paul’s imaginative exploits, and aspirations.  They have created an extensive online home for The Underground, implemented marketing, and web development strategies for themselves as well as local businesses, and continued to plan for the Studio’s inevitable expansion.