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Twisted Studio is a creative development house, formed with the intention of helping local entrepreneurs, and small businesses build their image, brand, and marketability.  After spending years at the helm of our own projects, we made the decision to reach out to other local businesses, in an attempt to find innovative, and economical ways of refining their image and expanding their market reach.

“We’re very passionate about helping people, we always have been.  Twisted Studio gives us the opportunity to put our skills to use helping other people achieve their dreams, with honesty and creativity.”
Paul Reaume
Founder & Artistic Director

Pretty Pictures:

Paul Reaume’s diverse range of artistic experience has spanned comic book & cartoon art, fine art, logo design, caricatures and much more.  At the helm of Twisted Studio he has used this experience to bring the visions of other entrepreneurs and organizations to reality.  He has completed logo work for TechTopia & PC Geek Tuners, promotional materials for Prime Lighting Design, as well as caricature and face-painting services for Community Living.  Recognizing the importance of visual material for businesses, and the impart art can have on individuals, Paul takes each project to heart adding his own signature flair.

Check out Paul’s Blog to keep up with his current projects!

Lyrical Literature:

Dave Rocha is Twisted Studio’s resident writer and web administrator.  Two very large responsibilities for a studio such as ours.  Currently putting his passion for history to good use on the mini-series “Tecumseh: A tale of war and shattered dreams”, Dave always immerses himself in research material for any project he embarks upon.  By placing his focus on finer details, he has an amazing ability to create accurate and engaging written pieces.  Whether it is short stories, historical essays, or promotional updates, he knows what it takes to grab an audience and keep them hooked.

Check out Dave’s Blog to keep up with development on his novel, short-story and comic book series, etc…!

With Our Powers Combined:

By combining their efforts and abilities, the Twisted team of Paul & Dave are able to provide a unique service and level of attention to local businesses and entrepreneurs.  Together they’ve created individualized websites, marketing plans, and social media initiatives.  If Paul can dream it up artistically, Dave can create it digitally.


Please see our Contact Page, and we’d be happy to help you in any way we can.