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August 4, 2016: “Where Life Takes Us”

So it’s safe to say that life has been pretty crazy since last I updated my blog.  In April I started working from home, and helping to take care of my three awesome kids.  In May my wife returned to full time work, leaving me alone on daddy duty.  This has undoubtedly been the biggest learning curve of my life!

I’ve never been one to downplay the job my wife did when I went off to work and she stayed home with the children.  Even so.  I never had any idea it would be like this!  It’s a big job being a stay at home parent, whether you’re a mom or a dad.  Regardless, I’ve had one of best summers of my life, and a great part of that is due to the time I’ve been able to spend with my kids, and the new appreciation I’ve found for my wife (who was already pretty fantastic in my eyes).

Aside from family life, I’ve filled my summer with magic shows, face painting, and caricature art.  This year, I’ve started working with Dream Makers as well as Happy Time Clowns.  Both businesses have provided me great opportunities to learn and grow as an entertainer, artist, and businessman.  Many many thanks to my new friends Pam Martin, and Derek Horton for these new opportunities.

That all being said.  Things are moving in a wildly positive direction right now.  My biggest regret is that I feel I haven’t responded to this sudden surge of business.  But I’m working on doing better, and today’s post is the first step on that path.

After having a great conversation today with a good friend, and fellow business owner; I’ve decided to challenge myself to do one post a day.  It may be here, it may be on my Facebook page.  No matter where it is, everyday I’ll be making an update about what I’m working on and what my plans are.

Currently the big focus is the Heroes and Villains auction.  If you haven’t checked it out already, please do so.  Proceeds from this auction are going towards the production of my first independent magic show to be held in October.  It’s quickly approaching and I’m very excited, but there are a lot of costs associated.  Thanks so much to everyone who continues to support me.

Onward and Upwards!

February 1, 2016: “And the Beat Goes On”

Wow.  I can’t believe a month has gone by already.  I definitely didn’t mean to go this long without updating the blog here, but January proved to be a very busy month!  I had three magic events to perform, two of which featured new ‘characters’ for my repertoire; a wizard, and a wannabe Jedi Knight.  The Jedi was definitely something I looked forward to being a Star Wars fan growing up, this show also gave me the perfect opportunity to learn a new illusion…The Zombie Ball.  It was a really fun piece to practice and learn.  I found it to be very different from other routines that I’ve worked on in that it felt more like choreography.  It’s true, it feels more like dancing than performing a magic trick, and I’m no dancer.  Never the less, I was really happy with the outcome, and it’s something that I continue to work on.  I’ve even experimented with performing the routine to the opening musical intro for Game of Thrones!

While I’ve got a couple more shows coming up, I’m planning on spreading my time out a little more this month.  Between housework, some model work, comic stuff, magic stuff, family stuff…it’s a wonder I drink so much coffee! lol.

Next up, I’m going to experiment with some woodburning for my sister.

And then there’s a certain comic book that needs a cover finished.

Til next time.

Onward and Upward.

January 9, 2016:  “Starting the New Year Right!”

Well a new year has begun, and with it comes a flood of resolutions, and plans for 2016.  While I’ve never been one for resolutions, this year is going to be different.  I’d like to share a quick story with you to explain why…

I am a very proud and happy father of three, my wife and I were blessed with our third child in October of 2015.  As any parent of multiple children with tell you, once one of them gets sick…it’s a battle to ensure everyone else does not get sick.  The holidays are a particularly volatile time for illnesses, with the colder weather (maybe not this year), all the errands, and parties, and visitors.  Our home was no stranger to this over the Christmas break.

Our youngest (Matteo) got sick with a form of bronchitis.  Our daughter (Talia) came down with flu symptoms Christmas Day.  Our oldest (Ayden) even had a day or two where things were getting questionable.  So one night, my wife and I were talking about the kids and the holidays.  Through sniffles and sneezes, my lovely wife admitted that she too may be coming down with something.  That’s four out of five members of our family, the odds were against me, and I could feel the walls of sickness closing in around me.  I had to put my foot down.

I told my wife. “No.”

“I refuse to get sick”

She kind of laughed at me and said, “Well, fine then.  I’m not getting sick either”

“You have to believe it.” I warned her.  “I’m telling you now, I am NOT going to get sick.  I’m putting it out there into the universe.  I’m saying it, believing it, and owning it”

Wouldn’t you know.  I didn’t get sick.

Is it a stretch to call it positive projection?  Law of Attraction?  Maybe.  But it kept me healthy, and inspired me to keep pushing to apply this positive outlook onto other things.

I put out a Kijiji ad for my magic act, with the intention that 2016 was going to be awesome.  I three calls on it right away.  Two out of three stuck, and one of those led to a referral to another gig!  Positive projection.

Within days I got another message with a request for a magic performance.  I am still talking this one over with the client, but it could be a fair sized show, creating many more opportunities.

Let the nay-sayers do as they will.  I’m throwing it out there now.  2016 is going to be great.

Not “I hope 2016 will be great”.

I KNOW it’s going to be great.

Say it. Believe it. Own it.

Already the year is starting off right, and I’m determined to keep pushing forward.  There is still going to be a lot of work to be done.  Nothing comes free afterall.  But I am confident that the work I’m doing right now and in the last few weeks is some of the best I’ve done.  And it will only get better.

Dave and I have spoken about taking different approaches to our projects, and splitting duties up differently.  We’re both looking forward to an awesome year, and we’re really excited to share it with you.  2016 will be filled with Marvelous Magic, Awesome Artwork, Crazy Comics, and Lively Literature.  I’ll be using my blog to keep everyone informed as to what I’m working on and how things are progressing, Dave’s suggested that he’ll do the same.  This will put us all on the same page.    Nobody will be left in the dark as we continue to push forward, chasing our dreams.

Are you ready?

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