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December 28, 2016

In 1977, lucasfilm released Star Wars, the second greatest film of all time. In 1980, they released my favorite film, “The Empire Strikes Back”, followed by my third fave in 1983 with Jedi.
Then came the dark times where Lucasfilm regaled us with the wonderful back story of this saga but it wasn’t the same. The House of Mouse then purchased Lucasfilm and promised us one new Star Wars movie every year for a decade.
I was so excited to see a return to my beloved universe, but would they be like the originals or more backstory… With “The Force Awakens” last year and Rogue One this year, I now have two more great films to round out my favorite 5 movies.
What made these last two so much better than the prequels? I found the answer this morning when I heard news of Carrie Fisher’s passing. Princess Leia was the answer. May the Force be with you Ms. Fisher, can’t wait till next December to see Leia again in what will no doubt be one of my 6 favorite movies.
We may have lost you but the force is strong with Disney and we will no doubt be seeing you in new movies for years!
I will always love you – R.I.P. Carrie Fisher XOXOXO
Dave Rocha – Twisted Studio

RIP Carrie!

March 7, 2016

Today I have decided to adapt the script of “Tecumseh and the Prophet” to match the short story format of it’s sequels.
The plan is to have the first 4 stories of this series in short story format by FCBD (Free Comic Book Day).

February 21, 2016

The occupation has begun… Started my third 1812 short today, “The Occupation of Sandwich” and I will share the first two draft pages (the end product will be much more clean)

“Inhabitants of Canada!–After thirty years of peace and prosperity, the United States have been driven to arms. The injuries and aggressions, the insults and indignities of Great Britain, have once more left them no alternative but manly resistance or unconditional submission.

The army under my command has invaded your country, and the standard of union now waves over the territory of Canada. To the peaceable, unoffending inhabitant, it brings neither danger nor difficulty. I come to find enemies, not to make them. I come to protect, not to injure you.

Separated by an immense ocean, and an extensive wilderness from Great Britain, you have no participation in her councils, no interest in her conduct. You have felt her tyranny, you have seen her injustice–but I do not ask you to avenge the one or redress the other. The United States are sufficiently powerful to afford you every security, consistent with their rights and your expectations. I tender you the invaluable blessings of civil, political, and religious liberty, and their necessary result, individual and general prosperity–that liberty which gave decision to our councils and energy to our conduct in our struggle for independence, and which conducted us safely and triumphantly through the stormy period of the revolution–that liberty which has raised us to an elevated rank among the nations of the world, and which has afforded us a greater measure of peace and security, of wealth and improvement, than ever yet fell to the lot of any people.
In the name of my country, and by the authority of my government, I promise protection to your persons, property and rights. Remain at your homes–pursue your peaceful and customary avocations–raise not your hands against your brethren. Many of your fathers fought for the freedom and independence we now enjoy. Being children, therefore, of the same family with us, and heirs to the same heritage, the arrival of an army of friends must be hailed by you with a cordial welcome. You will be emancipated from tyranny and oppression, and restored to the dignified station of freemen.

Had I any doubt of eventual success, I might ask your assistance; but I do not. I come prepared for every contingency. I have a force which will look down all opposition, and that force is but the vanguard of a much greater. If, contrary to your own interests and the just expectation of my country, you should take part in the approaching contest, you will be considered and treated as enemies, and the horrors and calamities of war will stalk before you. If the barbarous and savage policy of Great Britain be pursued, and the savages be let loose to murder our citizens, and butcher our women and children, this war will be a war of extermination. The first stroke of the tomahawk, the first attempt with the scalping knife, will be the signal of one indiscriminate scene of desolation. No white man, found fighting by the side of an Indian, will be taken prisoner–instant destruction will be his lot. If the dictates of reason, duty, justice, and humanity, cannot prevent the employment of a force which respects no rights and knows no wrong, it will be prevented by a severe and relentless system of retaliation.

I doubt not your courage and firmness–I will not doubt your attachment to liberty. If you tender your services voluntarily, they will be accepted readily. The United States offer you peace, liberty, and security. Your choice lies between these and war, slavery and destruction. Choose, then, but choose wisely; and may He who knows the justice of our cause, and who holds in his hand the fate of nations, guide you to a result the most compatible with your rights and interests, your peace and prosperity.”

By the General, A.F. HULL.
Capt. 13th Regt. U.S. Infantry, and
Head Quarters,
Sandwich, July 12, 1812.

The Occupation of Sandwich
Dave Rocha

As soon as he started talking, Francois Baby started writing. He needed to write down everything for his father who was with the British at Fort Amherstburg. This was it; Occupation… The moment they all thought would never happen. That fat fool Hull was here, finally. They were plenty ready for the occupiers but poor Francois’ jaw hit the ground and almost caused him to drop his pen as man after man from the Essex Militias were laying down their arms.

A young American junior officer stepped forward when he saw how the Canadian reacted, “General! I think we have a rebel spy amongst us.” Francois almost cut and ran but cooler heads prevailed. He just shook his head in disagreement. Seeing that Baby was neatly dressed, the old and weary war veteran motioned for him to approach with the words, “You look like a fine young Canadian gentleman, come sit with me, I could use a drink. What is your name son?”

Stammering to find words he replied, “Um… Francois Sir… Francois Baby.”

Hull looked around for a while until his son and aide-de-camp returned hands empty as well. The pair argued back and forth until Baby changed his mind and broke and ran. “Shall I follow and capture him Father?”, inquired quickly as he noticed Baby’s nervous flight. “Follow him but do not engage, take his house after he flees but do not harm anyone left there. I wish to set it up as my headquarters. I’ve been admiring his orchard and new house from across the river.”

The younger Hull started to look confused as he asked, “You knew who he was? Why did you not arrest him?”. William Sr. started to laugh as he pulled some tobacco from his pouch and began to walk to his horse, “Yes, carry out my orders and pour me a drink, I will be there shortly.” His son just didn’t understand how to successfully carry out this occupation. The Baby family was the most prominent family on this side of the border, killing or capturing him just minutes after invading would have incited rebellion. What Hull didn’t realize was that they knew he was coming and Sandwich would not be occupied long.

Kicking his horse into a full gallop he raced down the river side road straight towards his homestead exactly opposite the Detroit River of the fort bearing the same name. As soon as he dismounted he opened the door and began to load his bags onto the horse while he hurriedly put on his uniform. His family and his fathers family were both already at Amherstburg but Francois and his commander, Matthew Elliott had come to their residences here in Sandwich to wait for the invasion and bring back word.

He was sure that Elliott was already at the officers quarters up the road in Sandwich-proper and waiting for his arrival. Baby spun at that moment to see Elliott’s horse come up beside his. Along with a third horse. Both men dismounted. One was dressed in the skins of a native warrior and it was he who opened the door and said with a smile, “Cmon white man, the other fatter, slower, more drunk white men are coming.”

“Tecumseh? You shouldn’t be here?”, was all he could stammer out before being interrupted. Tecumseh chuckled and then became serious, “No YOU shouldn’t be here, your family is safe, forget your trinkets. You are more important alive than dead.”

“You have no idea, in my notebook, I have taken down the text of Hull’s laughable proclamation. I can’t wait till I read this to you.”, Baby managed as he dropped the rest of his bags. Mounting their horses the trio quickly disappeared down the path towards their canoe at Turkey Creek, all the while taking turns reading the proclamation aloud and mocking each other as they did.

February 14, 2016

Today I attended the 2016 Comic Book Syndicon and met tons of cool people who were more than willing to purchase some good local history. The St. Clair Center of the Arts is one of my favorite convention venues and I was giddy with excitement as I set up my table and began to answer questions while I looked out at the Detroit skyline with pride. I more than once pointed outside and answered proudly, “See that giant city out there? My stories are about how Canada captured that!”. Check out my table:

Comic Book Syndicon 2016

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