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A Blast from the Past!

Posted on 16th January 2014 in Uncategorized

The Underground team just updated the Back Issues section of their website, with a dedicated section for the original run of the series.  This is really interesting because what you’ll notice right away when you visit the page is a scan of the original logo from The Underground series.  For those who may not know, Paul Reaume first came up with the idea for The Underground when he was sixteen years old, he printed the first issue of the series when he was seventeen.  Needless to say there has been quite a change in the caliber of  artwork from then to now.

This look into the past of The Underground really got us thinking about the past of Twisted Studio.  The Underground was neither the first nor the last project to be branded with the twisted ‘T’.  In light of that we thought we’d take a look at a couple of the other projects which were pitched to big publishers.

The Dark & The Fallen

The Dark & The Fallen was one of the random story ideas put together for a pitch with Image Comics.  Not surprisingly, we were not picked up by the company, and no publishing deal was made.  In any case, we’ve held on to the artwork from the pitch, there are actually three pages of story drawn up.  Perhaps we’ll post those later for a laugh.  The story focused on Davor Dharkken, a warrior with a shady past.  The Dark One, he is known as by villagers from far and wide.  In a strange stroke of fate or happenstance Davor is forced into the protection of a fallen angel.  From there our adventures would unfold.






The Outlaws 3

The Outlaws 3 would have been thought up around the same time The Underground was actually.  They were both inspired by the same family vacation spot, Smoke Rise Ranch.  As the name suggests this western story followed three outlaws, though they were not all criminals to start.  The trio is made up of an innocent bartender, a hardened bounty hunter, and a card hustler (who is really the only true outlaw in the bunch).  A nasty vendetta with a crooked politician brings these three unlikely companions together in this tale.  Once again the story was NOT picked up by any major publisher, but again we held on to the artwork for later reflection and laughter.





Well there you have it ladies and gents, the past of Twisted Studio.  We’ve dusted off enough artwork for the day, time to put our eyes back to our present and future plans.  We hope you’ve enjoyed this blast from the past, I’m sure there’s plenty more where that came from.

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