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2014 Project Updates

Posted on 13th January 2014 in Uncategorized

2013 was a fun year for us here at Twisted Studio, and we are so very excited for what 2014 surely has in store.  We’ve been splitting our time up between our two main projects; The Underground and Tecumseh.  It’s been a lot of work with no immediate gratification, but this is the year that it all starts coming together. This year we aim to release two new printed books, one for each of our projects.  Talks have already started with a printer here in Ontario, and we’ve begun our fundraising efforts to help us achieve our new goals.

The Underground #2: Bad Seeds should see production this year.  This is the third installment in The Underground series, taking place directly after Issue #0: Unearthed.  So far in the story we’ve seen the unexpecting hero Cyrus lose his home, come face to face with an enormous Mole Cricket, and finally join up with the Zealots Elite.  While the Zealots may have mixed feelings about the clumsy Ladybug, they’ve agreed to bring him back to see their Queen; the benevolent Azulon. Bad Seeds brings us into the ant city of Coryn, and also gives us a closer glimpse of the wicked Hive Shock Troops; the villains responsible for the decimation of Cyrus’ home.

Tecumseh: A Heroic Tale of War and Shattered Dreams should see it’s first installment hit production this year.  This first part of the mini-series “Tecumseh and the prophet” will introduce us to our hero Tecumseh, but also his brother Lalawethika.  Windsor area residents should take particular interest as elements from Tecumseh’s life, and the War of 1812 are all around us.  The books in the Tecumseh series step away from the standard comic book format, and feel more like historical reference books.  Each portion of the story has been tirelessy researched, and each page is packed with hints of days gone by.

That of course is just the tip of the iceberg, Twisted Fans!  We’ve got plenty of goodies planned, and we’re looking forward to another awesome year.  Be sure to like us on Facebook, and share us with your friends it’s going to be an exciting ride.

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