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Twisted Features #10

Posted on 9th January 2014 in Twisted Features

Happy New Year Twisted Fans!

As the new year rolls in it becomes a time of reflection, and of planning.  We look at the year behind us, the good and the bad.  We look at how it has changed us, hopefully for the better.  Then we look ahead.  We look to things that we can improve upon in the coming year, and things we’d like to do without.

We had a pretty good year here at Twisted Studio, and we’re truly thankful for all of the support that we’ve received from our friends, family, and fans.  We attended three events this year; Free Comic Book Day at Hugin & Munin, Kids Read Comics in Ann Arbor, and the Christmas Comic Con at the St.Clair Centre for the Arts.  We had a great time at all of these events, we learned alot, and we met some great people like Liz Marie at FanGasm who did an interview with us at Free Comic Book Day.

Looking ahead, we’re planning on attending the same events this year and gaining more exposure for our titles.  If our fundraising efforts go as planned we will also see the publication of two books this year; the next installment of The Underground, as well as the first issue of Tecumseh: A Heroic Tale of War and Shattered Dreams.  We’ve also looked at our online presences to determine how to use them best with regards to furthering our exposure and recognition.

We’ve devised a release schedule for posts, and updates about each of our projects that will keep everyone informed and entertained as we work towards the publication of our two new books.

Mondays and Thursdays we will be posting new content here on the Twisted Studio homepage.

Tuesdays and Fridays we will be posting new content on the Tecumseh page.

Wednesdays and Saturdays we will be posting new content on The Underground page.

If you haven’t already, make sure you follow us on each of our respective Facebook pages so you can keep up to date, and we’ll surely be posting extra bonus material there!  Give us a like, and spread the word.


Be sure to check in with our affiliates as well!

Horror 101

Check out Cash and the gang’s current podcast; Episode #29 Amityville II: The Possession.  The lines of fact and fiction are blurred as they spotlight this frightening 80′s horror flick, based on real events.


Prime Lighting Design

Our friends at Prime Lighting Design are having a fantastic January Sale Event.  Visit them instore for deep discounts in their floor model sale event! Click their logo to read more about it.

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