Tecumseh Art Winner!

On December 1st the Twisted team attended the Christmas Comic Convention here in Windsor.  We wanted to do something special for people visiting us that day, as well as draw some attention towards our fundraising efforts on the project.  With pencil in hand, artist Paul Reaume went to work.  While sitting at our table and speaking with visitors to the convention, he sketched this cool pic of our hero and then offered to raffle it off.

We had  a great response from everyone who visited out table, and we’re happy to announce that Wayne Beedle won the art piece!  We’re just putting it into a frame, and we’ll get it dropped off to you.  Thanks again for your support.

We actually like this image of Tecumseh so much that we thought we’d use it as the cover for issue #1 in the series.  As we sat down to iron out some of the details though, we came up with another idea…and then another!  So here we are now with three potential cover designs for the first installment of the Tecumseh series.  We like them both so much that we just can’t choose, so we’re going to need YOUR help.

Tune in to our Facebook page tomorrow to see all three of the concepts we’ve come up with.  Once you’ve had a chance to view each of them, leave a simple “Vote” in the comments below the picture of your choice.  After two weeks, we’ll count up the votes and see what the most popular cover choice was.  How’s that for Democracy!?!

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