On This Day: February 15, 1812

Kapellmeister- (pronounced [kaˈpɛl.ˌmaɪstɐ]) a German word designating a person in charge of music-making.

On February 15 1812, François-Adrien Boieldieu writes to Tsar Alexander of Russia that he must resign his position as Kapellmeister.

Boieldieu (December 16, 1775 – October 8,1834) was a French composer, mainly of operas, that was quite famous in the early part of the nineteenth century. He was known as the French Mozart. In 1804, he had gone to Saint Petersburg to take up the post of court composer to the tsar of Russia. He stayed until 1810. On his return to France he continued composing various operas including La jeune femme en colère (1811) and in 1812 Jean de Paris. Boieldieu’s fame rested on his operas but he also composed other works including the Harp Concerto in C written in 1800-1801

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