Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

As a special treat I’ve decided to summarize what we know about Tecumseh’s love interests over his life:

This is an EXTREMELY controversial subject. Nobody really knows for sure, what is known was passed on orally through his descendants and these histories are at times contradictory when compared.

According to most histories, he had 2 wives and 2 sons, one by each. Tecumseh divorced his first wife who’s name could be “Mohnetohse” at some point in his early life and his sister Tecumpease ended up raising his son from this marriage, Mahyawwekawpawe.

His second wife, Mamate died while giving birth to his second son, Naythawaynah and of course his sister once again stepped up raising both boys.

Another widespread rumor is that after his first two marriages, he fell in love with a white woman named Rebecca Galloway and that she pressured him to give up his quest for a homeland for his people, marry her, become an American Citizen and live happily ever after.

What do know is that he did not live happily ever after as he died single and without a valentine at the Battle of the Thames in 1813 :( Poor Guy.

Happy Valentines Day!

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