On This Day: February 10, 1812

Anne Prévost was the 17 year old daughter of George Prévost, overall commander of the British forces in the Canadas and Isaac Brock’s direct superior.

On this day, Anne wrote the following in her journal:

“February 10th: Captain C. returned from the United States. This was the second time my Father had sent him to make observations and judge what probability there was of a War. I remember Captain C. telling a ridiculous anecdote of the French Ambassador speaking to him at one of the President’s Levees, supposing him an American, and when he was introduced as a British Officer the Frenchman turned away, as if afraid of contamination.”

The French under Auguste Marmont were currently being pushed back in both Spain and Portugal by a combined Anglo-Portuguese army under Arthur Wellesley while the rest of the Grand Armée was preparing to march on Moscow. It is not surprising that the French looked on the British with disdain while trying to court American support.

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