Tecumseh’s Winning Cover!

Our Facebook Vote for the cover of our first Tecumseh book has come to an end.  The response online, and from everyone else presented with the options was almost unanimous.  In all honesty the design seems to makes the most sense with regards to the theme of the first installment, “Tecumseh & The Prophet”.  The third cover in the column to the left is the winning choice according to the public vote, it features a stoic Tecumseh in the foreground amidst swirling smoke.  Behind him, the eclipsed moon will be seen casting an eerie glow with the face of the prophet imposed in the skyscape.

The other cover choices featured Tenskwatawa summoning the lunar eclipse, and General Harrison sitting triumphantly atop a horse surrounded by a scorched and burning battlefield.  Despite not winning the vote, we liked these images so much that Paul has promised to involve them somehow in the series.  The winning cover after all was inspired by a sketch which was raffled off at 2013′s Christmas Comic Convention.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page, as we’ll be updating it soon with a more refined version of the winning cover concept.  If you haven’t already, give us a like and share with your friends.

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