Sandwich Fest Starts Today!!!

The annual sandwich festival starts today and starting tomorrow I will be handing out a promo flyer advertising our release of Tecumseh Issue 1.

Why the Sandwich fest you ask?

Well besides residing in Olde Sandwich Towne myself, there is Tecumseh’s connection to the town.

Due to it’s location on the Detroit River it was ground zero for the Detroit theatre of the war. It was occupied by the Americans, twice. Once briefly in 1812, the second in late 1813 until given back to Great Britain in the treaty of Ghent which ended the war. Sandwich was the headquarters of both occupying armies and was the base from which Tecumseh and Brock captured Detroit. It is no coincidence that there are roads named Brock and Detroit in the town as well as it’s elementary school’s name “General Brock Public School”.

I will be in front of the Tecumseh Mural at Sandwich and Mill. Come say hi and I will hand you an awesome flyer for FREE! The flyer was designed by our artist, Paul Reaume and will be in the form of an 1812 recruiting poster for the 1st Essex Militia.

How do you get to the Sandwich Fest?

In Windsor, head west on TECUMSEH RD. (I know right, how appropriate) and stay on it until Prince Rd. Make a right and turn right at Sandwich. Keep on Sandwich until you see the barricades closing off the street. On the other side of the barricade is the fest!

Hope to see you there,

Dave Rocha,

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