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Tecumseh by Paul Reaume


Height: Unknown

By the time Tecumseh was a man he had fought in many battles against Americans, losing both his father and older brother through frontier warfare. He was an accomplished warrior of the Kispokotho War Clan of the Shawnee Tribe, who did not believe in the wanton slaughter of innocents. Tecumseh was an athletic man, as proficient with a musket as he was with a tomahawk.

Inspired by Native leaders from previous generations such as Pontiac and Joseph Brant, he sought to unite native peoples in a great confederation stretching from the great lakes in the north to the gulf of mexico in the south, the Mississippi river in the west and the Appalachian mountains in the east. He used his younger brother’s transformation into a great prophet who urged a return to the ways of their ancestors as a rallying cry. He embarked on a quest to spread Tenskwatawa’s teachings, bringing many warriors and their families to their settlement.

An honourable and just warrior, Tecumseh did not believe in harming women and children was strongly against the senseless massacre of his enemies. He did however believe in the rights of his people to the land they have cared for and lived in harmony with for generations. He would fight and die for his cause but would never give up his principles. He was truly an awe inspiring hero that should never be forgotten.

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