John Naudee

Name: John Naudee aka Oshawana
First Nation: Ojibwe

A young Ojibwe warrior during the war, he fought close to Tecumseh at every engagement. Tecumseh prized his Tomahawk and musket so much that he was named as one of his most valued warriors. Oshawana and his signature top hat continued to campaign for First Nations rights long after the war had been lost for his people. After the war he lived a quiet life and passed away and was buried on Walpole Island First Nation, which is also one of the final resting places of Tecumseh himself. Nobody knows for sure where he was buried but Oshawana was likely there…

A true Ojibwe and Canadian hero!

John Naudee

Very few portraits were commissioned of any of the First Nations participants of the War of 1812, above is an even rarer photo (the technology was in it’s infancy when he was old!) from the Archives of Canada.

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