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On This Day: February 7, 1812

The earthquake that occurred on this day was the last of a series of 4 earthquakes predicted by The Prophet in 1811. The biggest and most damaging, this epic quake occurred at 4:45 am on Feb 7 1812. This was Tecumseh’s signal to arms and if able to gather at Bois Blanc island in Amherstburg, [...]

On This Day: February 6, 1812

Feb 6 1812: Volunteer Bill In 1812 there was as of yet no legal way to declare war in the US and for that matter no way to make militia-men invade another country. On February 6, 1812, President James Madison signs the Volunteer Bill into law. The bill had passed the House of Representatives on [...]

On This Day: February 5, 1812

On 5 February 1812 a group of Wyandot or Huron native chiefs (likely led by Tarhe and Walk-In-The-Water) petition the United States government to protect their government sanctioned lands near Brownstown and Monguagon south of Detroit and Sandwich. Part of their petition reads as follows: Fathers, listen! If you really want to ameliorate our condition, [...]

On This Day: February 4, 1812

On this day in 1812 under the impending shadow of war with the United States Sir Isaac Brock addressed the Canadian Legislative Council.  While he would have prefered to speak to them with regards to provincial peace and efforts to maintain it, such was not the case.  Hostilities with the United States were rising, and [...]