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What Are You Reading #3

Posted on 17th March 2014 in What Are You Reading?

The Essential Wolverine Vol. 4

“On a recent visit to Paper Heroes I saw that Scott had a number of big Marvel books for sale.  Immediately, my eyes fell on a stack of ‘Essential Wolverine’ books.  I couldn’t resist. Volume 4 covers Wolverine #70-90, and the cover was taken from #77, and issue I owned years ago.  I actually picked up Volumes 4 & 5 from Scott that day, and I’m so glad I did because I can’t seem to put it down!

As an artist I find that I get wrapped up in the artwork of a book the first time I look through it.  I have to actually remind myself at times to actually read the text and not just admire the artwork.  The issues of Wolverine featured in this volume were all written by the great Larry Hama.  Larry has done such a great job of capturing Wolverine’s character in a way that feels natural, and certainly sets the stage for writers who would follow.

The cranky Canuck is not portrayed as an aimless rampaging machine in these books.  In fact, Hama brings so many layers of Logan’s personality and motives that I actually appreciate him more having read these stories.  After Wolverine’s had the adamantium pulled out of his body by Magneto, his fellow X-men are rushing to get him emergency care.  His healing factor is going haywire, and he’s slipped into fevered dreams.  Professor X psychically enters Wolverine’s mind to help him stay in the world of the living.  As Logan is tempted to follow the light, Xavier warns that it will kill him.  With teary eyes, the canuckle head looks back and states, “Don’t you think I know that.”


While this volume features some great artists, I have to commend Mr. Hama on his literary execution.  He’s helped me appreciate a character on all new levels, without stepping away from who the character is meant to be.”

-Paul Reaume


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