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Twisted Features #13

Posted on 13th March 2014 in Twisted Features

Welcome to our latest Twisted Feature! This time we will return to the fearfully educational world of Cash Wampum and the folks at Horror 101.
Their newest podcast is a break from their regular format and is a call in show. The call-in topic was “What scared you as a child in regards to a film you had seen?” and didn’t have to be limited to horror movies.

The link to the podcast is here

We wanted to “Twist” this feature a bit so each of us will share our scariest moments of our childhood film-watching.

Dave Rocha:

“Being a sci-fi nut and easily scared as a wee-one, I didn’t watch much horror but one movie series that I loved to death scared the poop outta me repeatedly. After seeing the original Alien for the first time at about 6, I didn’t sleep for a week. I still to this day feel my hair stand on end every time I see any of Geiger’s art. That drooling snarling alien made me check my shorts every time I saw any of the sequels at the show. Still not much of a horror fan but the feeling I had as a 6 year old scared me enough and in such a way that I absolutely had to see EVERY sequel.”

Paul Reaume:

“I’d have to say that there have been three horror movies that really resonated with me, and left a lasting impression.  The earliest of which being “It”.  Not that I grew up with a fear of clowns or anything, but the image of Pennywise peering from the sewer YEEESSHhh.  I always had to watch where I was stepping, out of fear that something would be down there waiting to grab at my feet.  My next movie moment would have been from the second Alien movie (I believe). The scene was set in a dark room with chains dangling eerily from the ceiling.  The alien descended silently behind the unsuspecting victims, and I lost my $#%&!  The last one that really got me was from the second Poltergeist movie.  This particular point took place in the hospital.  The camera was set looking down a vacant hallway, and things were quiet. Too quiet.  When out of nowhere that freaky girl passes across the hallway.  I remember jumping up, walking out of the room and saying ‘Forget this, I”m done.’

Thanks for joining us and please check out Horror 101′s latest at the link above.

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