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It’s Submission Time!

Posted on 1st March 2014 in Twisted Peeks

At the beginning of February The Underground team sent out emails to Image Comics, IDW Publishing, as well as a few established individuals in the comic book industry.  They were reaching out to raise awareness of The Underground, but also to find a publishing partner for the continuation of the series.  While fundraising efforts are underway to help produce the next chapter in the series, the financial realities of independently printing a small run comic series are challenging to say the least.

“The Underground series has so much potential beyond just the comic book series.  We’ve already started playtesting a board-game based on the series, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I see action figures and playsets, lunch pails and video games.  There is so much that can be done to build the brand as a whole, we just need the right partner to help us get there.”
-Paul Reaume

The team is taking a very public approach to their submission, in an innovative attempt to build up as much ‘buzz’ around the effort as possible.  Instead of printing off materials, mailing them away, and then reporting back to their fans, everything will be visible to everyone throughout the process.  On the comic series’ webpage, a special section will be dedicated to the submission being made to potential partners.  Throughout the coming week, progress on the submission package will be uploaded to this online section so followers can check them out and offer they’re feedback before anything is sent away.

As a studio, The Underground has always been our flagship project.

As a person, The Underground has always been Paul Reaume’s dream.

These are the legitimate steps being made to realize this dream, and bring our flagship project to the masses.

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